Everyday care tips for your beloved handbag


Yaskulsky handbags are made from precious materials such as exotic leathers and high quality hides. That is why they are so valuable to you. It is important to take care of them to keep them looking like new for as long as possible. With this in mind we would like to share with you few care tips…

Excessive moisture and strong chemicals can strip away the finish of hide and ruin the appearance of most of leathers. While cleaning your handbag, make sure you avoid using water and untested chemicals on the hide. In a case where your handbag has excessive moisture on it, gently rub the affected area with soft and dry cloth to soak-up the water. Afterwards, hang the bag in a well-ventilated cool area to dry. Make sure you keep the handbag away from any source of heat, including direct sunlight. The heat may damage the finish and discolor the hide. Once the leather is dry, apply a specially formulated conditioner to protect the finish from dust, dirt and exposure to moisture. When applying a new conditioner for the first time, make sure you test it on a small and inconspicuous area of the handbag and let it sit for an hour. To remove dirt and dust, carefully wipe the hide with clean and dry cloth. You may dab the affected area with a damp cloth, if you do this ensure that you dry the handbag and retreat with the conditioner to protect the finish.


Leather handbags should be stored in a cool and dry environment. Any space you are storing the handbag in should be temperature regulated to prevent prolonged exposure to extreme conditions. It is important you store your handbags in a way that prevents severe creasing. You may fill them with light paper when not in use to protect them from forming crease marks. While hanging you handbag, use hangers that have rounded contact surface to maximize the contact area and reduce stress on the hide.

Following these tips for cleaning and storing will extend the life of your beloved handbag.

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