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Fusing together the US fashion scene and Eastern European chic, we never shy away from new trends in fashion. Handcrafted in the US, our daring designs leave our customers feeling wildly inspired. Everything we do leaves the world more beautiful. With bags of class, we have a whole catalogue of exotic leather styles for men and women. Crafted with a distinctive style exclusive to YASKULSKY, we bring sophistication to your wardrobe. Known for our high-end leather goods, our pieces are handcrafted by artisans in Miami and New York. Finding an exclusive style our customers can chose from clutch bags, totes, messenger bags, satchels and briefcases. With a confident range of inspiring handbags, these dynamic styles help to complement your look. Browse the full collection today to find an exquisite style to suit you.

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Inspired by generations, at YASKULSKY our precious skin designs display confidence in a new way. Boasting first class designs and an inspiring range of handcrafted creations, we believe in bringing to our customers handbags of exceptional quality and allure. Our courageous collection will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. Sourcing luxurious skins from all across the world, our designs compare like no other. Mastering a commitment to superior craftsmanship, we focus on designing high-end handbags and accessories made of precious leathers: ostrich, python, lizard and alligator. With a bespoke collection of wallets, purses, handbags and briefcases for men, our exclusive range provides a simple and versatile style that can be accessorized with a whole host of premium fashions styles.

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Ingrained with the symbol of the Swallow, we believe in representing the traits of this elegant bird throughout our brand. Swallows have been full of symbolism for centuries. We dare to have this almost mystical bird as our identity. Because swallows never travelled far out to sea, their sighting meant that land was near – YASKULSKY bring the new land to you and you don’t need to look any further. Allow yourself to discover new possibilities and express yourself. Swallows foretell a change; the change you have been waiting for. Dissolve yourself in life and Dare to Be. Our collection of spectacular handcrafted handbags will be an embodiment of this change and they will remind you to distinguish yourself.

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YASKULSKY conducts the business in an ethical way. All our leather creations are designed and handcrafted in the US according to strict US laws. This means appropriate standards apply for human rights, labor and environmental impact. At YASKULSKY, we source our leathers from all across the world from suppliers based in countries adhering to the rigorous CITES regulations protecting endangered species. The YASKULSKY brand is a promise of excellence. The beauty of our leather handbags can be explained by our strict quality standards. We use only highest grade skins and superior craftsmanship. Together with our passion for spectacular results they bring brilliance and beauty to all our creations.

Why not also check out what inspires our elegant styles over on our blog page. Allowing you to catch a glimpse of our creative eye and exclusive designs, we share with you all the style tips and YASKULSKY News!

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