Boasting designs with a distinctive style

Creating luxurious handcrafted handbags, we have a whole catalogue of precious leathers that will help you to boost your look

Works of Helmut Newton, Terry O’Neill, Terence Donovan and Harry Skeggs  (courtesy of the Lyons Gallery).

Partnering with the LYONS GALLERY, Paddington, Sydney

Lyons Gallery Australasia is a high end Fine Art Photography gallery that specialises in celebrity photography from the most prestigious and collected photographers & contemporary artists in the world.

YASKULSKY has a permanent exhibition at the Lyons Gallery. Our creations represent nature’s most precious skins masterfully turned into designs that eloquently celebrate nature’s artistry. Make your statement. We work closely with clients to create works of art. Discover YASKULSKY creations and experience infinite Possibilities.


We’re redefining luxury. The new standard is sleeker, more elevated, and more sought-after than anything before. This soirée is once-in-a-lifetime, and your exclusive invitation to the future of high-end style is here.

Yaskulsky is born of sparkling skylines, artisanal heritage, and bold desires. While you were sleeping, we changed the status quo. Our creations pay tribute to those seeking perfection in an imperfect world.

Yaskulsky serves the discerning and specific, the confident and tech-savvy. Our followers are passionately searching for the best, outfitting their lives with the highest quality accessories. We’ve vowed to satisfy this refined appetite with lavish styles and classic silhouettes in some of the world’s most precious leathers. We leave no extravagant desire unsatisfied.

Indulge yourself. Step into your own power and experience a fresh approach to sophistication. Ours is a fusion of Miami-inspired flamboyance, New York style lines and Eastern European chic. Once you get a taste, you’ll awaken a new lust for luxury.

We only create what we’re deeply proud of: bags and accessories that stand the relentless test of time, both physically and aesthetically. Our coveted creations are both elevated and responsible. Our designs leave our customers feeling wildly inspired. Everything we do leaves the world more beautiful.

The name “Yaskulsky” comes from the swallow, a bird symbolically connected to forward motion and change. With the rise of Yaskulsky comes shift in fashion. We’re creating a new legacy.

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